10 Things I’m Sick of Seeing on Medium.

dori mondon
2 min readJul 15, 2022
Some sunglasses because I’m throwin’ shade.
Photo by Kiran CK on Unsplash — some sunglasses, because I’m throwin’ shade.
  1. Listicles.
  2. Articles on how to get people to read your articles.
  3. “Why I’m not writing on Medium anymore.”
  4. Self-improvement articles from child-free 32-year-olds
  5. Badly-written articles about what good writing is
  6. Elon Musk.
  7. How to make money writing.
  8. Whatever thing of the week is officially dead.
  9. 2nd person headlines telling me who, what or how I am
  10. Personal brand.

Written (sort of) in jest, but it appears Medium content hasn’t really changed since 2016. At least. Somehow or another I’ve got to figure out how to change the content that shows up on my Medium home page — so if you’ve had a drive-by comment from me lately, that’s me, reading your writing and leaving a note in an attempt to engage in dialog and make the algorithm move.

Dori Mondon fixes typos for a living and is an Ada Comstock scholar at Smith College, where she is an American Studies major with a focus on public history and creative writing. She currently lives in Northampton, Massachusetts with her 11-year-old daughter and a teeny chiweenie with a very big attitude.

dori mondon

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