also, Eliza here is another “opinion" posted on the mendo sheriff’s Facebook page — not mine, this woman is not me:

"I have spent the last two weeks recovering from this unmeasurable loss that has broken me in more ways than I thought possible. I have been warned repeatedly DO NOT GO ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND READ ANY OF THE STORIES ON THE HARTS. It wasn’t just don’t read the comments because I’m use to ignorance working in social justice, being an activist and being a black woman. I am strong. I am a fighter. I don’t let words hurt me. But still everyone who knows me well repeated the same thing so much it made me want to explode. Don’t read the stories. A sister even changed my password to my social media accounts trying to deterre me from looking. They love me and I know wanted to protect me while I have been trying to cope with this reality that such a special FAMILY, my extended FAMILY, is gone. But as I tried sleeping last night I found myself realizing their request was for me not to read the stories, not just the ignorance of strangers who chose to comment with their opinions of hate and intolerance. But the actual stories reported. I instantly knew why. And I instantly felt my blood begin to boil. But of course I was not prepared to read just how ugly it all was. How ugly it all is. The Hart’s were not a family I knew or a family I followed on social media or at many of the events they blessed their presence attending. They were MY family. They will always be MY family. And that includes the two white women who gave them life after those babies had none left in them when they were reborn as a Hart. I will not waste my strength. I will not lower myself. I will not argue. But I will defend and I will fight for the truth to be clear and honor is given to each and every one that went over that cliff that night. I am contacting the proper people, I’m gathering the proper legal support, and I am going to make it very clear to each and every media outlet out there that this family, yes these gay white MOTHERS have someone that will fight for them. So many people have said this is not about race. Oh but like everything else is this is exactly about race indeed. And this is also about indifference. Not because of how so many of you believe it is but because there is a clear and painfully obvious agenda here. And you all have played your parts well eating the garbage and lies up. I don’t blame you, I do blame every media outlet that has reported the lies knowingly and the ones who reported without doing their ethical duty as journalists to check each and every fact and it’s source before racing to publish the trash they are calling news. But don’t be mistaken and think that will be where I’m finished. No. The neighbors, Mr. Bruce Dekalb, and wife Mrs. Dana Dekalb. I don’t need to find out if they are lying, I don’t need to investigate their claims. I know the truth which in turn let’s me know exactly who they are as human beings. They are the Carolyn Bryant Donham’s of today and their “white lie” won’t go unpunished. Jennifer, Sarah, Markis, Hannah, Devonte, Jeremiah, Abigail, and Sierra, may be gone from this earth but they will not become the poor Emmett Till’s in the eyes of an angry mob anymore.
I will make a few things clear after the statements that have been made. The DeKalbs did not like their new gay neighbors with the colored children. I knew that from months ago. Sarah called them hateful but harmless. Those 6 babies, let me correct myself actually. Those three young men and three young women were not abused, they were not starved and they were not trained monkeys forced to perform for cameras. Anyone who was blessed to actually know them will testify to what special, and beautiful people each of them were but also that they were happy, loved and exactly where they wanted to be. Also something else I see most, especially the DeKalbs, didn’t know about the Hart’s,
And when the children did eat non vegan diets they did not consume any meat ever. And that was by choice. A firm strong choice they didn’t struggle with at all. But The DeKalbs didn’t know that fact when they made up their lies that Devonte asked for “cured meats”. And for as nosy of neighbors the DeKalbs are I’m surprised they didn’t already know there were apple trees with delicious apples growing on them on the Hart’s property. The DeKalbs should have realized that before claiming Devonte asked for apples as well. I know because Iv eaten them. Hannah did not jump from any second story windows and run through the dark all the way down the hill, around the long fence and up their driveway either. She not only was frightened of heights, she was very afraid of the dark. And she wouldn’t have ever wanted or needed anyone to take her away of the family that she felt safe and loved with. If she needed to be rescued she would have called me. And she would have told me when we FaceTimed or when I saw her. I may not know a lot of things but one thing I do know is those children were exactly where they wanted to be and where they belonged. With their mothers. The gay white women who adopted them. I can refute many of the fraudulent claims and blatant lies without thinking twice but out of respect for my beautiful Hart’s I will save some personal details for the ones who truly knew them and truly loved them."

Compulsive storyteller. Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College.

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