Always interesting to read an outside response to what is happening here. I enjoy these conversations immensely when I travel abroad; they are often painful to be a part of, but so very necessary.

There are among us Americans a certain type who look forward to this impending collapse. Those of us who fall into this category are frankly very tired of this shit, ourselves. Our “president” (in quotes because it certainly wasn’t the one I would have chosen), daily, commits crimes against humanity that cause many to run for the junk in an effort to hide from it all because hey, we Americans are human beings too, and yeah, there is only so much a person can take. We are losing our homes, our children, our parents, our livelihoods, and we are destroying the land, the oceans, the air, the polar caps, all of it… And some of us, while yes, we’re terrified and tired already, are more ready than we’ve ever been to take care of each other, to do what it takes to avoid the “junk” and get to work cleaning up the messes we’ve made. We’re not all entirely sure how to do that yet, and we’re still learning how much power “we the people” actually have when it comes to that, but most of us are pretty clear on how much damage has been done to ourselves, and to the rest of the world, by this civilization on the brink of collapse. Oh, and also, we are sorry. So very, very sorry.

Compulsive storyteller. Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College.

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