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I found my way here by tagging another response with the word “shit”. When I saw this tag pop up I *had* to see who’d used it, and for what. Thank you for this piece of writing, lol.

I was introduced to modern shirtcocking via Burning Man, not nude beaches, though to be sure, I’m sure the two places share some inhabitants.

I had a boyfriend who would shirtcock around the house — I always laughed at him and he could never grasp my reasons (I was a seasoned Burning Man attendee at this point). I dunno, if you’re gonna let it swing in the breeze, might as well just let it all hang out.

In 2001, I took him with me for what would be his first and only (and my last) time to the festival.

Right past the gate we were greeted by a posse of outliers — one of which was a super happy, enthusiastically-waving man in a tshirt, socks and work boots. And a smile.

Once boyfriend saw that he was scarred for life. While I ain’t gonna stop nobody from doin’ they thing at home, I must say I was rather relieved it had come to an end.

Compulsive storyteller. Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College.

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