thank you for taking the time to respond.

you probably don’t and won’t ever get my perspective on this. this family was part my community and we were deeply and personally affected by this in ways that those not directly connected to them cannot understand. we had a lot more to grieve about than most, and all the speculation from people who never knew any of them, at all, was hard to handle. I don’t profess to know exactly what happened, but for those of us directly connected both the deaths as well as the idea that these children suffered in our midst, or that possibly these women were dragged thru the ringer, these were all details that directly affected those of us who were connected to them in some way. maybe we could have done something, if something needed to be done.

ask yourself what it might be like if these people were your family members.

again, it’s okay if you don’t understand my perspective — only a small group of people do, which is why I took the time to share it.

Compulsive storyteller. Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College.

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