Thanks, David!

She was a client I took on when I first opened my agency — her subject matter is *AWESOME* — but… yeah, no freedom to actually write about it, lol… or constant “not exactly what she wants, but she’s unwilling to actually DO what she wants herself”…

I’m VERY close to ending the relationship, but there’s definitely a little fear holding me back, for sure. If I were a single millennial who could afford the risk a little easier, maybe so — but I’m a married, middle-aged mother and we’re definitely struggling a bit financially. I’ve argued with myself for MONTHS on this, and i’ve even drafted my goodbye letter, lol… I’ve got new clients coming in this month, and I’m so, so, so close to being able to say “hey, i think our relationship is coming to a close, I really just prefer to write and want to stay focused on my clients who pay me and respect me for doing that.”


Compulsive storyteller. Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College.

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