We are navigating this, but in a small town — so these things aren’t always so clearly visible to explain to a seven year old (even one with two moms). We are generally in the woods where we can’t always see the discrepancies, generally (though one thing we do have are friends from a federally unrecognized but very much existing tribe, who are endlessly suffering unbelievable and painful disrespect — crime, in all honesty ). We read a lot, we talk a lot, we are aware that the very land we conduct our daily lives on our stolen, but… how do we do this? We teach her at home, we are vigilant about what she is taught in school, but still — it’s an isolated, small-town existence. Asking for dialogue, for pointers, for direction.

Compulsive storyteller. Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College. http://www.sanguinemeander.com

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