yes. absolutely. to clarify (because i am working through this) — it doesn’t require soaking up millennial-style experiences simply for the “inspiration" to blog and Instagram them. If your life is kid-shuffling and PTA meetings, there is heart in that too. It requires deeper, far more challenging digging (ask me how i know, lol, after years of travel landed me in a 3500 person town, married with an enthusiastic seven year old ballet dancer)… i am not the only artist out there simultaneously inspired, terrified and bored to tears by parenthood, so i work those feelings out by writing them.

this, too, is the essence of #metoo. speak it, so others don’t feel so alone (but we have to be fearless about this (another topic I’ve written about recently — to find our writing voice can require immense courage).

hallefuckinglujah though, because everyone is feeling so much more alone these days. if we writers can do something to change this, we should.

loved this piece, thank you!

Compulsive storyteller. Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College.

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